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The Willow Divider makes a stunning feature in any room while offering privacy. The frame is made from solid Paulownia wood which has a soft texture that is resistant to cracks, water,corrosion and will not warp. Lightweight and yet strong and sturdy, the 2-way metal hinges allows you to fold the panel for easy movement or storage. 

The screens are meticulously hand woven and made of willow which is known to be soft, resilient, not easily damaged, durable and resistant to mildew. A perfect match with the Paulownia frame for a very exceptional durable 6-panel divider.

Eco-friendly water-based paint which has been used on our dividers is non-toxic, will non-fade, is waterproof and breathable - making it the perfect choice for any your in your home and safe for young children. 


* Solid Paulownia wood construction
* Hand-woven willow
* Eco-friendly and non-toxic
* Resistant to cracks, water and corrosion
* Non-fade, waterproof and breathable
* Foldable panels
* Flexible and moveable
* Durable and longlasting
* Two-way metal hinges
* Lightweight
* Easy to clean

* Frame: Paulownia wood
* Screen: Hand-woven willow
* Finish: Eco-friendly water-based paint
* Width per panel: 40cm

Package Content
1 x 6-Panel Divider