Shelby Room Divider 6 Panel (White) - Free Shipping

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The Shelby Divider makes a stunning feature in any room while offering privacy. Made from solid Paulownia wood which has a soft texture that is resistant to cracks, water,corrosion and will not warp. Lightweight and yet strong and sturdy, the 2-way metal hinges allows you to fold the panel for easy movement or storage. 

Eco-friendly water-based paint which has been used on our dividers is non-toxic, will non-fade, is waterproof and breathable - making it the perfect choice for any your in your home and safe for young children


* Solid Paulownia wood construction
* Eco-friendly and non-toxic
* Resistant to cracks, water and corrosion
* Non-fade, waterproof and breathable
* Foldable panels
* Flexible and moveable
* Durable and longlasting
* Two-way metal hinges
* Lightweight
* Easy to clean

* Frame: Paulownia wood
* Screen: Fabric
* Finish: Eco-friendly water-based paint
* Width per panel: 40cm

Package Content
1 x 6-Panel Divider