Araluen Cupboard Six Tier White

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With its t four-door design, the  Araluen Cupboard features six tiers of shelving behind four decorative doors. Use it in the kitchen as a Pantry or as a storage cupboard in the laundry, bathroom, bedroom or lounge.  The Araluen is a beautifully rustic piece which would fit perfectly in country style homes, French Provincial, Hampton' s or any neutral decor. With ample storage,  varied depth shelves, magnetic door fittings and decorative accents, it is a lovely yet functional piece.

Crafted from eco-friendly MDF board, the 15mm thick board offers strength and durability while its smooth white non-toxic finish, solid wavy base and detailed carvings add an elegant touch to your home décor. 

* 4-doors cabinet
* 6-tiers
* Adjustable shelves
* Non-toxic and lead-free paint
* 15mm thick E1 MDF Board
* Elegant carving
* Durable structure
* Curve solid base
* Durable hinge
* Easy to maintain and clean

* Material: E1 MDF board with NC paint

Package Content
1 x Tall Pantry Cupboard
1 x Assembly Manual